Girls Inc.’s Outreach program allows us to take one of our program activities to another organization. These can run for a several weeks and allow for an in-depth exploration into a given topic from a Girls Incorporated program. Girls Inc. hosts special Workshops, either at our Hillside Center or at another organization. These usually are for one or two days on a focused topic. School and Neighborhood Outreach Programs create the best possible support system, because we can work directly with girls, their families, teachers, and advisers in providing our quality Girls Inc programs and services. Outreach programs are offered whenever funding permits. Girls Inc. Workshops are an extension of our research-based programs that work with girls and a trusted adult.

Engage and empower your girl while having a wonderful time together!

“[In the workshop Madonna created] a safe, kind, helpful and fun environment for the teaching of the female body and the changes that are to come for the young girls’ bodies. The only information I got when I was that age was from school, since the conversation and communication about becoming a women was not encouraged. So how great to have a two weekends devoted to receiving support for my daughter and I to be open and comfortable talking about this part of life. This experience will always be cherished. We are appreciative of the program and personally for me the knowing that I made sure my daughter feels encouraged and welcomed to talk to me, or someone, about anything gives me confidence as a mother. Madonna is fantastic. She really kept everyone on track, yet made sure that people felt heard. The class was set up that each tender topic was exposed in a way that was educating, interactive and exciting. The information was thorough, and the way it was delivered was easy. We are grateful. Thanks you Girls Inc. for having us and for being there for us. Thanks Girls Inc. for doing what can be done to raise healthy happy women.”  – Leslie, Parent

The Teen Program also includes a one day workshop, “No Such Thing as TMI.” This health and sexuality workshop is provided to teen girls enrolled at Girls Inc. and through Outreach to girls throughout the community.

For information regarding the Summer and School Year Teen Program click here.

For registration or billing questions, please contact Madonna at 505-982-2042.