Girls Inc. of Santa Fe is an affiliate of the national nonprofit youth organization, Girls Incorporated, dedicated to providing vital, innovative educational programs to girls ages 5-18, particularly those who are underserved, face multiple intersectional challenges, or are at risk of making unhealthy choices. Out programs are researched based, evaluated nationally for effectiveness, and are implemented by trained, enthusiastic, and sensitive staff.

Girls are strong, smart, and bold and we equip them with the tools to remain so in the face of societal pressure to conform to ever-evolving gender stereotypes. We respect and celebrate the diversity of ideas and cultures, advocate for girls in the community, and provide opportunities to all girls regardless of culture, race, disability, or socioeconomic status.

“At Girls Inc. we’re not just a group of girls. We’re a family. We are comfortable around each other and have a strong bond.” – Chloe, age 14

Girls Incorporated encourages girls to: Take risks; Think, probe, and be inquisitive; Be leaders; Be assertive, speak up for themselves and take action; Make mistakes, learn from them and try again; Try out new interests and acquire new skills; Be healthy, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Girls Inc. teaches girls to analyze critically what they see and hear in the media, to advocate for changes in entertainment, news, and advertising, and to demand images that are more positive and reflective of their lives. For a tip sheet, Click Here

At Girls Inc., our number one priority is the safety of our girls, staff, and volunteers. We have worked tirelessly to maintain a safe space for all. As another layer of precaution, GISF has adopted a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy for all staff, volunteers, visitors, and girls to help safeguard the health of the girls and their families, our employees, and the community at large.


Please read the policy below:

All girls who apply or are accepted after January 26th, 2022, for enrollment in any program at our Hillside program center must obtain and present proof of receiving all required doses of the Covid-19 vaccination. Girls may be vaccinated with any type of Covid-19 vaccination approved for use in the United States.

Girls currently enrolled in our afterschool program will need to provide proof of vaccination if they apply for enrollment in any additional programs such as spring break camp and summer camp, or to participate in our afterschool program after the 2023/2024 school year.
A copy of the girl’s vaccine card must be submitted with registration forms.

Please direct any questions regarding this policy to Madonna Hernandez, Director of Programs. Our board did not take this decision lightly, they weighed the facts and took the results of a recent parent survey very seriously. In the event you seek to request an exemption based upon limited medical or religious grounds, please contact Madonna for more information.

To schedule a vaccine, please visit the NMDOH vaccination website, it has an interactive map of places offering vaccines, a calendar of vaccination events, and links to schedule appointments and register in their system.Here’s the link: