Since its establishment in 1955, Girls Inc. of Santa Fe has been a source of inspiration, encouraging girls to embody strength, intelligence, and boldness. Throughout Santa Fe, we strive to provide girls with transformative experiences and practical solutions to address the distinct challenges they encounter. Girls Inc. equips young girls with the necessary tools and support for success, featuring dedicated professionals who serve as mentors and guides in a secure, girls-only environment. Within this setting, they connect with like-minded peers who share their determination and aspirations, all while benefiting from research-based programming.

At Girls Inc., girls not only learn to set and achieve goals but also to confront challenges with boldness, resist peer pressure, and envision college as an attainable goal. Our programming revolves around three pillars: promoting healthy living (Strong), fostering academic enrichment and support (Smart), and instilling life skills and independence (Bold). Through these initiatives, Girls Inc. aims to empower girls and shape them into resilient, confident individuals prepared to navigate the complexities of life.

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Girls Inc. inspires all girls to be Strong, Smart and bold.

In partnership with the Santa Fe Public Schools and at Girls Inc. of Santa Fe centers, we focus on the development of the whole girl.

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