Sascha Anderson – Communications Consultant and Member of the Board of Education

Talking to Sascha Anderson is easy. She’s honest and engaging. Anyone who knows Sascha knows her deep and abiding passion for community and equity.

Sascha, a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, grew up in Norman, Oklahoma and Corinth, Texas. As a child, she loved digging in the dirt and doing experiments, exploring the world around her. She also loved reading and writing. “Writing has been incredibly important in everything I’ve ever done,” she says.

She also found a love for civics and political life at 12. Her step-grandmother served as an Arkansas Legislator and Sascha came on as a page for the legislature. She witnessed first-hand how the law worked and what the legislators worked within the government. “Something I’ve carried with me throughout my life is that things happen because of people,” she explains, “If you want something to happen, you have to be willing to step up and make it happen.” This mindset has led her to volunteer and serve in many ways throughout her life, the most recent examples being serving on the board of Girls Inc. of Santa Fe and as a member of the school board.

In high school, she participated in Model UN, Model Congress, debate, and musicals. These experiences gave her the tools to navigate a world with civic responsibility and dedication to the well-being of others. No matter what Sascha did, it involved working with people and educating others. Her love of specialty cheeses and specialty foods even included others. She taught classes on making specialty cheeses, wrote curricula for culinary schools, and even taught young children the science of cheese!

Her love for her family fires making a difference in her community. She is a firm believer in building bridges for “the health and the well-being of the community, creating equitable outcomes and just policies for everyone.” Sascha truly believes we can work together to find a common ground and know there are many places in which those commonalities exist.

Her advice for girls in Santa Fe and New Mexico is simple.: “You are strong, smart, and bold. You can do absolutely anything you set your mind to. Be sure to be kind and generous with yourself.”

We are so grateful to have people like Sascha in our community. Her advocacy and drive is a perfect example of what we show our girls they can achieve, so it’s amazing to have role models like her making an active difference in the world.