Courtney Craig – Customer Success Manager at Captivate IQ

Seeing the possibilities in any situation is a vital skill. Flexibility promotes resiliency and can lead to new opportunities! Courtney Craig has gone through life with that mindset.

When she was little, she favored imaginative play, acting as director to her little sister. She also had a determined curiosity. She says, “I was always asking questions and trying to learn as much as I could, constantly trying to understand the world around me.” This curiosity was fed by a love of reading and writing as well as an interest in history. Curiosity, leadership, and creativity: what a great mix! Her accumulation and desire for knowledge kept her on a path to explore new experiences and paths.

Her creative mind led her to the University of Louisville, where she got a degree in Marketing, with minors in Spanish and International Business. She studied abroad in Spain, opening her eyes up to the world and all the possibilities. She then volunteered in an afterschool program, which inspired her to participate in Teach for America in Oklahoma for two years.

The interesting paths she took gave her a great viewpoint as she started a new career working at an ad agency. “The most astonishing thing about the whole world of business,” she explains, “is how different every job you have is. Even though on paper they look like the same thing.” Collaboration and teamwork are essential because “no one person makes everything happen. You have to rely on your teammates.”

She now works at a Customer Success Manager and CaptivateIQ, a software startup that helps sales teams calculate commissions and bring more transparency to that process. It’s done remotely and it gives her the chance to meet and engage with people all over the country and globe, while still being able to live and explore New Mexico and the Southwest with her dog Otto. The job is always adapting and the company is always looking how to improve and understand each situation.

Working remotely also means she gets to volunteer at Girls Inc. of Santa Fe, spending and sharing time with center-based programs. “Volunteering comes full circle,” she explains, “There’s a feeling of immense gratitude. It makes my heart feel so full. These girls have so much potential and they see that with the support they have around them. While she’s spent time with each group, she spends the most time with the 5 to 6-year-olds. “Every day is a new adventure for them. They’re so fun!”

She has a lot of hope for the girls, giving this advice: “Believe in yourself. If you put your mind to something, you can make it happen. But know it may happen differently than you think it will. Be open, have dreams and goals.” We’re really happy to have her as a part of our team!