Santa Fe Public Schools 2019 Ed Tech Note Mail-In-Vote


The 2019 Ed Tech Note uses tax dollars to fund District technology initiatives for all public schools, including charters.

Why is this important?
Santa Fe Public Schools has implemented a five-year technology-based teaching and learning plan to create a progressive learning environment so that:

  • All students will possess the education and skills required to compete in the global marketplace.
  • Teachers will have the tools and training to prepare students to be collaborative world citizens.
  • Our community will benefit from more skilled young adults entering college and the workforce.

What happens if this doesn’t pass?
Without the Ed Tech Note, SFPS and charters will lose $11 million dollars per year, students will lose valuable classroom services, and education staff positions will be in jeopardy.

Will my taxes increase?
No, the tax rate will stay the same. This election will NOT increase the tax rate over current levels. This is NOT a new tax, simply a renewal of taxes already approved by voters in 2016. The average property owner of Santa Fe will continue to pay approximately $10.00 per month.

How do I vote?
Santa Fe County will be holding a special election using mail-in ballots sent to all registered voters starting February 5, which must be returned to the Santa Fe County Office no later than March 5.