Here are links to sites and documents that girls and families might enjoy or find useful.

Girls Inc. Online – Girls Inc. Online is one way that Girls Inc. shows girls how to discover and get excited about their potential.

A Mighty Girl – The world’s largest collection of books and movies for smart, confident, and courageous girls.

Mixing In Math – This site offers over 200 English and Spanish resources that blend math with fitness, nature, cooking, and daily routines like cleaning up. MiM resources include games, projects, movement activities, and museum-type displays.


Check out our Staying Safe with Social Media, a Girls Inc. of Santa Fe podcast series about keeping your girl cyber-safe! Listen to episodes here:

Podcast Introduction

Episode #1: Introduction to Social Media

Episode #2: Parenting an Online Girl

Episode #3: Personally Identifiable Information

Episode #4: Parents Behaving Badly