Conquer Heights. Empower Girls.

Conquer Heights. Empower Girls.Conquer Heights. Empower Girls.

Have you ever wanted to see Santa Fe from 62 feet in the air?

Girls Inc. of Santa Fe along with Over the Edge, our host La Fonda on the Plaza, and our signature sponsor Meow Wolf, invite you to catch your breath, step up to the edge and rappel six stories down La Fonda in the heart of historic Old Town Santa Fe. Every dollar counts toward empowering girls! The more you raise, the more you get (like the use of a GoPro® Cam). Proceeds will directly benefit the Girls of Santa Fe. You will serve as a catalyst to providing life-changing programs that inspire our girls to be healthy, educated and independent.

  1. Sign up for the chance of a lifetime and then ask your friends to sponsor you.
  2. Raising money is easy and we will help with ideas. It’s only 20 friends at $50 each. Or 17 friends sponsoring $1/foot (62 feet)
  3. For every $1000 raised, one person will rappel off La Fonda’s roof. It could be you!
  4. Afraid of heights? Nominate someone else to go over the edge and help them raise money or sponsor a teen from Girls Inc. to boldly “Conquer Heights” so she can go over the edge.
  5. Nominate your boss and join your co-workers to raise the funds to send your beloved boss off the roof of La Fonda. Earn enough for a GoPro® Cam and show the video at the next team meeting.
  6. Challenge a co-worker, friend or buddy to see who can raise the most. You may even want to rappel side by side.
  7. Help us inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold!

Please be aware that there is an $85 signup fee that will apply to the $1000.

Once on terra firma, head around the corner to the 46th Annual Arts & Crafts Show featuring 170 of the finest artists in the United States.

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Sponsor – Call or Email Rhynda Stephens at 505-982-2042 or

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