Are you an advocate for girls and women’s rights and looking for a way to get involved in the community?  GIRLfriends is a group created by women for women to support all aspects of Girls Inc. of Santa Fe. Members participate in activities and events together,  learn together, and advocate for Girls Inc. to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.

 “Girls Inc. taught me that men are not the only people who can impact the world greatly.” – Emma, age 15

GIRLfriends Contribute

  • Act as ambassadors and advocates
  • Share our expertise
  • Develop and volunteer for events
  • Mentor girls and serve as role models
  • Provide financial support

GIRLfriends Impact

  • Ensure the current growth and future success of the organization
  • Raise awareness of the work of Girls Inc.
  • Act as an audience for girls’ voices
  • Support strong women to make a strong community

GIRLfriends Benefit

  • Share our love of learning
  • Belong to something meaningful
  • Broaden our knowledge across generations

Make new friends with strong, smart, and bold women

GIRLfriends annual dues are $250. For details or to join, contact us at 505-982-2042.  You can mail check or credit card info to 301 Hillside Avenue, Santa Fe NM  87501 or pay online by clicking below:

100% of dues directly support Santa Fe girls.