During the school year, teens ages 12 – 18 participate in workshops offered in an age appropriate, safe and fun environment. Workshops are open to teens who have been previously enrolled in our programs as well as those who are new to Girls Inc. Teens can participate in one or all of the workshops as they stand alone. However, we recommend that teens participate in all of the days offered for a well-rounded experience and to build positive relationships with the other girls and the facilitators of the group.

We offer continuing opportunities as the girls grow. Girls who have been a part of Girls Inc. programs for two or more years are able to apply for a Girls Inc. National Scholarship for college.

Examples of workshops that have been done in the past are below:

“Real World”? Real Life!!
Girls will learn about media messages and how they relate to them. Girls will identify how media plays a role in their lives, and how it effects their ability to see “real life”. Topics will include violence, gender stereotypes, sex and sexual behavior in the media. Girls will leave the session with the ability to better digest the media that bombards them and with an enhanced sense of self.

Risky or Reasonable?
Girls will learn to identify substances, including legal substances, such as caffeine, prescription drugs and over the counter medications. They will personally analyze the legal and illegal substances they may be using or be pressured to use. They discuss legal and illegal substances and the dangers of both. They will then discuss substance abuse and substance use, and how to set boundaries for oneself. Girls will leave the session better aware of the substances they are confronted with on a daily basis, and equipped with the skills to set personal boundaries for oneself.

Where’s the “I” in “us”?
Girls will identify key aspects of relationships. They will learn how to set boundaries with peers, friends, and intimate partners. They will identify their personal needs within a relationship and how to communicate those needs with others. Girls will leave the session better able to navigate relationships and better able to set boundaries within those relationships.

Now & Then
Before setting goals we must focus on who we are and where we stand. What are my beliefs and values? Girls will learn how to identify their own beliefs and values and how those relate to their future goals. Girls will then identify the steps they need to take in order to reach their individual goals. They will learn how to develop plans to reach their goals as their goals change. Girls will leave the session with a better understanding of their values and goals for the future.

Ms. Informed
Girls will learn about the options for keeping themselves safe in sexual relationships. They will learn that the only way to keep themselves 100% safe is abstinence. Girls will practice skills to resist the peer pressures to have sex before they are ready. Girls will also learn about additional forms of contraception for if and when they choose to become sexually active. Girls will leave the session more informed about their options and therefore more likely to engage in safer behaviors.

The Teens Program also includes a one day workshop, “No Such Thing as TMI.” This health and sexuality workshop is provided to teen girls enrolled at Girls Inc. and through Outreach to girls throughout the community.

For more information, please contact Madonna at 505-982-2042.