Welcome to 2022 Summer Camp!

Our 2022 Summer Camp is a full-day experience for girls ages 5 to 14 years old in age-appropriate peer groups. Together with facilitators, they explore our research-based programs in hands-on, experiential ways! Problem-solving together helps build trust and teamwork and girls learn how to navigate friendships as well as growing up strong, smart and bold.


Girls going into kindergarten through 6th grade can sign up for as many of the 7 weeks of camp.
7th grade – 9th grade girls will participate in our outdoor leadership program which requires participation in 6 of the 7 weeks
Please see attached documents for descriptions of each program.


interested in enrolling?

All families interested in signing up their girls for Summer Camp 2022 must fill out the interest form here. THE INTEREST FORM IS NOT A REGISTRATION FORM. It informs the Girls Inc. staff of your interest in enrolling. It is more of a virtual line.

Click here to fill out the interest form. It will be accessible at 8:30 on Monday, March 21st but will be able to fill out at 9 am.


Please click here to learn more about the interest form and enrollment process.


Please click here to review our parent handbook, program descriptions and camp policies.

We equip girls with the tools to remain so in the face of societal pressure to conform to ever-evolving gender stereotypes. We respect diversity of ideas and cultures, advocate for girls in the community, and provide opportunities to all girls regardless of culture, race, disability or socioeconomic status.

Girls Incorporated encourages girls to: Take risks; think, probe and be inquisitive; be leaders; be assertive, speak up for themselves and take action; make mistakes, learn from them and try again; try out new interests and acquire new skills; be healthy; physically, mentally and emotionally.

The programs in our Summer Camp changes each year. Some examples of our programming are:

Economic Literacy® enhances financial competence and confidence, teaches fiscal responsibility, and promotes within girls a sense of economic justice.

Friendly PEERsuasion® approaches drug abuse prevention as a peer issue, using the positive influence of young people modeling healthy behavior.

Operation SMART® (Science, Math, And Relevant Technology) dispels stereotypes about math and science and invites girls to join the fun of discovering the world around them.

Mind + Body Inititative   Girls Inc. Mind+Body initiative supports and promotes the whole health of girls ages 6-18, emphasizing girls’ overall well-being by focusing on physical activity, body image, nutrition, and stress management.

We also spend as much time as we can outside, moving our bodies and exploring what the beautiful city of Santa Fe has to offer.

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

At Girls Inc., our number one priority is the safety of our girls, staff, and volunteers. We have worked tirelessly to maintain a safe space for all. As another layer of precaution, GISF has adopted a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy.