Welcome to Afterschool!


Girls Inc. of Santa Fe’s Afterschool is a comprehensive program where girls get together to learn hands-on and experiential activities after the school day is over. Along with our programs that focus on topics such as media literacy, economic literacy, STEAM, and more, girls also learn team building, building healthy relationships, and social-emotional skills. Families can feel confident in knowing the girls are supported in our pro-girl, girl-only, and girl-led environment.

Staff members pick up girls from schools in the GISF vans which also have car seats for girls that require them by state law requirements. They are brought back to our center where they will have free play, snack and check-in before starting the activity for the day.

Often, families would like to enroll their girls but do not attend the schools that we can pick up from in our vans. These families are welcome to drop off their girls at our center.

We follow the Santa Fe Public School’s holiday and break schedule, including snow days and snow delays. If SFPS has not called a snow day but we believe it is unsafe for us to drive and hold programs, we will cancel and inform families.

Due to Covid restrictions, our schedules and procedures may change to ensure the safety of the girls and their families, along with staff and volunteers. We will always be in communication with families around safety precautions and how we can best support everyone.