How We Are Funded

How We Are FundedHow We Are Funded

Despite the need for this programming, Girls Inc. of Santa Fe has not been immune to the economic challenges that are being experienced by many youth service organizations. Approximately 30% of our revenue comes from tuition. Because we believe all girls are at risk of making unhealthy decisions, we enroll on a first-come first-served basis. We provide services on a sliding-scale basis and no family is turned away based on ability to pay. About 99% of our girls receive some level of tuition assistance. While our programs cost less than $6 per girl per hour, tuition covers only $1.80 of that cost.

The $4.20 that remains is raised from individual donors (34%), community businesses (4%), foundation and corporate grants (11%), a City grant (3%), and our Arts and Crafts Show (18%).  For every $3 we raise in tuition, we must raise an additional $7.

Providing these services without significant subsidies is unsustainable. With many parents of girls now out of work, the number of our scholarship students has increased along with the amount of scholarships required. It is a vicious cycle, with grant and fund raising at low levels but with more families unable to afford the programming that their families need. At the same time, support from the City and foundations has decreased dramatically due to the recession. And, while other Girls Inc. affiliates receive as much as 25-30% of their revenue from their local United Way, our community’s United Way is a service provider who no longer awards grants, and who competes withother youth service organizations for funding.


“Girls Inc. is different from other places I’ve been because it’s all girls and it teaches me things I will use in the real world instead of just doing activities.” – Emma, age 15



2011 Revenue 2012 Budgeted Revenue
Individuals $204,364 (35%) $236,349 (35%)
Businesses  $57,145 (10%) $22,000 (3%)
Grants $ 46,846 (8%) $ 90,700 (14%)
Tuition $181,443 (32%) $202,030 (30%)
Arts & Crafts Show $79,482 (14%) $ 119,500 (18%)
Other $ 7,391 (1%) $0
TOTAL $576,671 $670,579


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