For Volunteers

For VolunteersFor Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the 42nd Girls Inc. Arts & Crafts Show!

If you are interested in joining our events committee and helping to plan our Show, please contact our Show Director at or 505-982-2042.


Join our team of volunteers who come together to help Girls Inc. host this exciting community event. This year we have over 180 positions that need to be filled!

Why Volunteer?

  • long-running, well-organized event  
  • fun & festive outdoor environment 
  • refreshments provided 
  •  meet lots of new friends!


Important Information

Who Can Volunteer?

Everyone is welcome to volunteer.  There are many opportunities to include the whole family.  Individual volunteers must be at least 18 years of age unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

What Jobs are Available?

There are many volunteer jobs and shifts available before and during the show. Click  Girls Inc. A&C Show Volunteer Descriptions for a detailed list of opportunities. Volunteer shifts are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up early to get the time that works best for you.  Feel free to sign up for more than one job or more than one shift. Variety is the spice of life.   It’s also a great way to spend time at the Plaza.

Parking Click Here

There are several municipal parking lots within walking distance to the plaza.  The lot at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center even offers underground parking, which is great when it’s hot and sunny outside! RVs and other large vehicles should be parked at the Archdiocese lots.

What to Wear

The entire festival takes place outside in the wonderful August sun.  We recommend t-shirts and comfortable shorts/pants/dresses.  Choose footwear that allows you to stand and/or walk during your shift(s).  We strongly recommend wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.  You may also want to be prepared for rain as it has been known to rain on occasion.  Girls Inc. supplies you with their one-of-a-kind red smock while on duty.   Wear it proudly!

Snacks and Beverages

 The information booth has a supply of free snacks and beverages for all volunteers.  You may also purchase food from the food vendors and local plaza businesses.


2015 Arts and Crafts Show Volunteer Job Descriptions and Time Slots

Download PDF version.


(Contact  us  directly at or 505-982-2042 to sign up for pre-show shifts!)

July 3-August 2; miscellaneous 1-4 hour shifts

Various shifts needed

Be SMART! This is a great opportunity to volunteer at Girls Inc. of Santa Fe at our facility on Hillside Ave.  If you like to work in an office atmosphere and help organize inventory, stuff packets, and work alongside other volunteers, this is your job.  Some jobs require lifting items up to 40 lbs and walking up and down stairs.  Please join us in preparing for the 41st Annual Arts & Crafts Show.


Friday, August 1; 6:45-10am (5 people), 9:45am-1pm (5 people), 12:45-4pm (5 people), 3:45-8pm (5 people)

Saturday, August 2; 6:45-10am (5 people), 9:45am-1pm (5 people), 12:45-4pm (5 people), 3:45-8pm (5 people)

Sunday, August 3; 6:45-10am (5 people), 9:45am-1pm (5 people), 12:45-4pm (5 people)

Be STRONG! This job is perfect for you if you enjoy sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine.  It’s an opportunity to visit with local residents and tourists and answer questions about the show.  Barricade Monitors sit at street closures and make sure that cars do not enter the vendor areas. Snacks and water are provided.  Make sure you wear sunscreen and a hat.


Friday, August 1; 8:45am-12:30pm (3-4 people), 12:15-4pm (3-4 people)

Be BOLD! This is a great job if you like to direct traffic, hand out packet information and work with two or more volunteers to help vendors find their locations.  You have the opportunity to check in the vendors and keep track of their movements and sometimes, even to practice using your strong, bold voice. This does require a bit of standing and walking.  Wear comfortable shoes, a hat, and bring your smile.


Friday, August 1; 9am-12:45pm (5 people), 12:30-4:15pm (5 people)

Be SMART! Are you good with a watch?  This job is for you.  Each artist gets a certain amount of time to set up their booth.  Your job is to keep the vendor on schedule, make sure they park appropriately, and direct them to the correct exit. (They can return later to complete their set up after they move their vehicle.)  This requires you to stand and walk around and visit with vendors.  Comfortable shoes and a hat are handy for this job.  Don’t forget your watch so you can keep time.


Friday, August 1; 7-9am (5 people)

Sunday, August 3; 3:30-6:30pm (5 people)

Be STRONG! This job is for the movers and shakers.  Load items from the Hillside location and deliver them to the Plaza.  If you like working out and getting your exercise, this job is for you.  Lifting, walking up and down stairs, loading trucks and unloading trucks is an important part of this job.  You can even bring your own truck if you would like.

SIDEWALK CHALK (for Girls Inc. Families)

Saturday, August 2; 9-11am (4-5 people)

Be SMART! This is the perfect job to release your inner artist.  If you are looking for a family friendly volunteer opportunity, this job is for you.  Chalk is provided, just bring your creativity.


Saturday, August 2; 8:45am-1pm, (6-7 people), 12:45-5pm, (6-7 people)

Sunday, August 3; 8:45am-1pm, (6-7 people), 12:45-5pm, (6-7 people)

Be BOLD! Have you ever wanted to see what it would be like to stand in an artist’s booth?  This is a perfect job for anyone who would like to get an insider’s look at the art world while being available to stand in for an artist while they take a break, and to deliver snacks and water as needed. This job can be done with your child.


Friday, August 1; 8:30-11:30am, (2 people), 11:15am-2:15pm, (2 people), 2-5pm, (2 people)

Saturday, August 2; 8:30-11:30am, (2-3 people), 11:15am-2:15pm, (2-3 people), 2-5pm, (2-3 people)

Sunday, August 3; 8:30-11:30am, (2-3 people), 11:15am-2:15pm, (2-3 people), 2-5pm, (2-3 people)

Be STRONG! As a volunteer greeter, you get to help other volunteers prepare for their very important jobs.  Sign in volunteers, hand out volunteer smocks, direct the volunteer to their assigned area, and contact the appropriate staff if anyone is missing. Answer questions or point to someone who knows the answer.  Be the first person that a volunteer sees and greet them with a smile.


Saturday, August 2; 8:45am-1pm, (3 people), 12:45-5pm, (3 people)

Sunday, August 3; 8:45am-1pm, (3 people), 12:45-5pm, (3 people)

Be SMART! This is the perfect job for those who want to share the Girls Inc. story.  If you don’t know the story, no problem.  Girls Inc. staff will provide you with everything you will need to become a Girls Inc. Ambassador.  This job requires a friendly face and the ability to sell cool Girls Inc. merchandise, handle money, and talk to people about what we do.  This is a great job to do with your child.


Saturday, August 2; 8:45am-1pm, (2 people), 12:45-5pm, (2 people)

Sunday, August 3; 8:45am-1pm, (2 people), 12:45-5pm, (2 people)

Be BOLD! Do you like to multi-task and think on your feet?  The job of a floater is to fill in when a volunteer is not available.  Think of it as an assistant who is ready to step in when and where needed.


Saturday, August 2; 10:15am-2:30pm, (3 people)

Sunday, August 3; 10:15am-2:30pm, (3 people)

Be SMART! Do you want to work in a covered area?  This job is for you.  Face painting and other fun activities for the kids will be held in the gazebo.  This job is perfect for those who like to work with children, playing games and face painting.  Sign up fast for this job, as space is limited.  This is your opportunity to put a smile on a child’s face. Anyone interested in this position will need to meet with the Director of Operations first.


Closing positions are not appropriate to do with your child as it can get hectic and there are all kinds of traffic moving through and around the plaza. The closing positions require mobility, and a firm yet friendly attitude. Please note that the ending times will vary. We will be there until the last vendor has left the Plaza. Often this is before 8pm.


Sunday, August 3; 3:45-8pm (5 people)

Be BOLD! This job is for those who like to close out an event.  Help guide vendors as they drive to their booth areas to clean up their space.  Stand firm by the barricade to make sure that traffic flows in the correct direction. Time goes by quickly as you direct traffic, answer questions and help close up the show.


Sunday, August 3; 4-8pm (10 people)

Be STRONG! This job is for the finishers.  If you like to be the last one standing, monitor parking, and direct traffic, this job is for you.  It requires a firm voice, a big smile and the ability to walk up and down the street and distribute check-out tickets as vendors leave the Plaza.  You will be the last person our artists will see and they will remember your smile and kindness as they drive off.